How Chelsea Brown Designs helps make functional planning easier

Our planners at their core are books or pages of calendars that make up and guide our days through our lives. If you’re new to planning, this is most likely what motivated you to get started! Functional planning at its best can help you achieve your goals, remember important dates and birthdays, and help keep you focused.

I’m going to be real with you for a second here… Chelsea Brown probably is considering a protection order because of my serious fangirl status. Her designs have made me more passionate about planning in general. They are extremely high quality stickers that truly embody all that Passion Planner is about – helping you meet your goals and having fun in the process. So, this is not an affiliate post and I don’t get any special perks for this. This is my 100% completely honest biased (yes, biased) review and recommendation for Chelsea Brown Designs.

Plan with Me | Week of August 5 – August 11

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Planner: Sunday Start Passion Planner Eco Classic
Date Cover Sticker: Planning by Shannon 2018 Date Cover Stickers
All Other Stickers: Chelsea Brown Designs

Functional Planning – What exactly is it?

You’ll see a lot of lingo in the planner community that just takes a little time to figure out based on context or unabashedly just asking. Functional planning seems like what a planner is supposed to do, right? Well, if you’re new, you have a wondrous world of discovering all the different facets of planning. Mostly though, you’ll see functional used in opposition to decorative planning. Decorative planning is exactly what it sounds like! More artistic designs and decorations on our planners to fill the day with stickers, drawings, watercolor, anything you can think.

Functional planning helps us keep focused with things like checkbox lists, reminders to pay bills, scheduling and cancelling appointments, household chores, and so on. Since I am an artist, I thought I would prefer decorative planning and art journaling. I have found that the more I use my planner for its purpose, the more I appreciate the beauty of the designs that Chelsea Brown provides to her customers.

Chelsea Brown Designs – Functional Planning Stickers

Alright, look, by now you’ve realized I am a huge fan of CBD. Please, let me tell you exactly why I have such a huge brand loyalty to this Etsy shop. Chelsea Brown has brought professional design into my planner. I have dabbled in graphic design for about 15 years off and on. I may be more of an artist than designer by title, but I can tell you that I know good design when I see it. Of course, I found this gem on Etsy like anyone else does – searching for Passion Planner stickers! That may not have been my exact search, but I will tell you that I found something that helped me take something I already loved and make it more tuned to WHO I am.

My first order included timeline covers, time blocks, tabs, and bill pay boxes. They were all different colors and I’m honestly surprised I even made decisions on the color. I’m going to break down some must-haves and what I love for my planning style, but I am certain Chelsea Brown has it all for any functional planner looking to use their planner for… well, planning!

1. Monthly Tabs

Okay, this seems like an overall well-liked MUST HAVE for your planner. So, I’ve honestly never thought of a great way to do this prior to finding CBD tabs. They are available in every color and there are even foiled tabs. Whether you are a dated or undated planner, those of us (like me!) that tend to focus heavily on the weekly and not so much on the monthly calendar pages, could really learn to love tabs when you USE them. I am super guilty about not using my monthly pages, but making a conscious effort to go there first for anything that’s not in the current week has been a serious gamechanger.

CBD’s beautiful and easy-to-apply tabs help me make it a much quicker flip. Did I say easy-to-apply? Oh yeah, the tabs themselves come with a ruler/guide on the side for you to place the tabs exactly where they need to be in your planner. Better yet, with the release of the calendar year 2019 Pros, there will be shaded sections for your tabs to make it even easier. Plus, CBD gives you the option to have them flush with your edge or stick out like normal. Just search ‘tabs’ in the shop and you’ll find them.

2. Timeline Covers

Have I mentioned that I love colors?! No? Well, I do. I prefer the full color timeline stickers because it helps me keep my days in sections. I sort of touched on this in the EC kit post (here) by explaining that it keeps me motivated to fill in my days. Your Passion Planner does the heavy lifting for you with the gray timelines, but CBD has a seriously HUGE selection of colors for you to choose from.

If you like to keep it neutral, you can block off your sections with gray and black – or lift your favorite colors from your theme for the week and go wild. I use the full color because I’m rarely writing appointments in their time slots, but I do still love to keep the option open. This week, I used the hourly timeline stickers because I have more appointments than normal that I’d like to use the time slots to track.

3. Starter Bundle

Last but not least, the STARTER bundle!! Okay, so this might be cheating because it wraps all the best functional options in a neat little package for you to start using stickers. It includes time interval blocks, tons of icons, habit trackers, to-do lists and water trackers – the basics of functional planning! It’s truly the best way to get started to see which stickers you end up using the most and tailor your style of planning to what Chelsea Brown has up for grabs.

So, now that I’ve gone over my favorites, get on over there and get you some stickers! Okay, seriously, I hate feeling salesy and over the top, but I can make my own stickers and I will  always choose these stickers to stock up on. Chelsea, please feel free to use one of my thousand orders to get my address for that protection order. 

Live vividly, yo!