Good morning lovelies,

I am not convinced people notice when little things like this happen with my shop, but just in case you ARE out there wondering WHAT THE HEY, here’s the situation:

  • When I transferred my listings from Etsy, I was unaware it combined those listings into one product, one option, one price until this week.
  • This means that some people have purchased items with variations they could not select while checking out!
  • If you have already ordered one of these items, I will be providing the item as it is pictured. This is the most logical way for me to resolve.
  • In the coming days, you may see some changes to the items you have in your cart. This will cause the website to clear your cart, but unfortunately, that is my only option. Please use OOPS15 for 15% off if you have seen a rise in the price of any item you intended to purchase.
  • If you would like to purchase an item that is listed as having options in the description, please leave order notes that follow those options.
    • For example, include the size of the Passion Planner you use when purchasing a Passion Planner Mini Kit.
    • Please do not request custom designs via the order notes.
      • Custom sticker options will be coming!

I appreciate all your patience while we experience a few growing pains at the start of this website. Please feel free to use the contact us form if you see anything that is giving you pause on the site. Some links are still hiding from me from the theme I purchased from Bluchic – so if you end up at their site, that is why.

In the meantime, TODAY is New Release Day!!! Stay tuned, soon it begins πŸ™‚