THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has shopped this week. If you’re reading this, an extra SPECIAL thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to me talk about my little corner of the world over here.

This week has been especially hard in the world and in my life, so I wanted to share a few updates when it comes to the shop. I know business seems like usual, but it sure isn’t!

There is some good news: 


I would have preferred sooner but unfortunately my toner needed a refill and I will now be sure to check those levels before a sale A L W A Y S. I am pleased that I will still be able to meet the new 3-5 business day processing.

That processing window MAY be extended for the upcoming COLLAB SALE!

Did I tell you I am participating in the Subculture Syndicate from Sept 25-27?

There are some seriously amazing shops included and I can’t wait to shop myself. Check out the other shops here at the sale website. I’ll be starting to post the swap samplers on my IG stories closer to the sale too.

September will be filled with new releases in preparation for the sale! First week will be a few different hand drawn stickers that will be added for Friday. (Halloween goes up by Monday for last day shoppers!) Since shipping is free for all orders for one more day, I am still combining orders for the sale as well. 

I have a special release that is dropping on September 1 that I haven’t exactly shared with any teasers yet. WELL, okay – I did tease that my email subscribers were going to get the opportunity to be the FIRST to learn about a new thing. GUESS WHAT! You will find out on Tuesday what exactly that secret was (in case you don’t already get my emails.)

New Releases will be switched to Fridays for September. It just makes the most sense!

SN: Did you see the Amplify Q1 planner cover colors were announced? I think I want Ice Blue or Magenta for Q1. Comment below if you’re shopping your stash, planning, or buying this week.

Now that all the business is out of the way, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that right now it’s not just the pandemic that is hard. Black lives MATTER. Remember that even the most prolific activists take time to care for themselves. Please take care of you.