Happy New Year friends!! December was mostly a quiet month over here at Vividly Rani – aside from stalking the Black Friday and Moon Mail orders as USPS struggled through the holiday season: Read more here.

I’m not sure words can quite express the gratitude I have for the patience and understanding through the end of the year. We had quite a blessed Yule and the Cold Moon was spent meditating and setting intentions for the New Year!

I am sure I am not the only one excited to wave goodbye to 2020 and plan for all the amazing hopeful days of 2021. Does anyone else remember how January took forever last year? We’ll see how this one goes!

There will be some exciting changes for Vividly Rani in 2021! I have decided to focus a lot more on creating items for you with my own art. Many of you have already decorated your planners and bujos with my doodles, thanks to my hand-drawn sticker section. However, I’d love to do more with these drawings. So I’ll be incorporating my art in a much more expansive way to the shop this year.

Here are my top 3 goals when it comes to Vividly Rani in 2021:

  • Expand the hand-drawn sticker listings to include different sizes of doodles for you to plan. Currently, the sticker sheets are mostly made to be 1″ doodle designs that vary in quantity based on how that specific doodle fits a 4×6 sticker sheet. I will be adding 0.5″ and 1.5″ options for our smaller and bigger planner sizes!!
  • Continue to actively create sticker kits for daily or weekly spreads in the Amplify Planner, Hobonichi Weeks, Vertical/B6, and Passion Planner. This includes creating more affordable $1 mini kit options as well as exploring new ways to bring more celestial, witchy, and bright stickers to your spreads. Monthly and daily sticker kits, themed kit collections… there are so many possibilities!!
  • Create a schedule you can count on: this is a big one for me. In previous years, I have operated this shop based on my full-time life. That meant creating new releases or social media updates, even blogs when the time would allow. By being a little too fluid with the things I share with you, sometimes I don’t accomplish all that I wanted to in the year! I want you to count on new posts/updates every Tuesday here on the blog. That means you can also count on new releases every Saturday. Some releases may be as simple as adding a new set of hand-drawn stickers in the new format and some may be bigger like new washi designs in the shop!

I think we, as planners, all tend to see the new year FULL of opportunities. In fact, I am even talking a little bit of Planner 101 on my podcast this week for New Year’s Resolutions. (The podcast is local and for my full-time career. Good luck to my co-host too, since we all know any of us could talk for hours about planners, especially chatty me!)

I tried to set myself up for success a bit better this year, learning from what truly became essential to my life with planners last year. If I set realistic expectations, I’m more likely to follow through. We’ve all been here… every year, right? What are some of your best tips for sticking with your goals? Let me know below or tag me in your Instagram or Facebook story (@vividlyrani) and maybe you’ll get a shoutout or freebie!

Looking forward to 2021, witches!
Blessed Be