Hello friends!! What a week it’s been since I announced the goals I have for the shop and 2021. It hasn’t been easy to stay focused in the evenings, basically being glued to the feeds, both for news and serotonin. I’m sure I’m not alone !! 

I’d love to start to incorporate more -functional- into what it is I am designing for you. Especially since I know, at its core, planning is all about what we DO with our happy mail to guide our lives along their very functional tasks and goals. So this week, I’ll have deco releases and add in some functional options too! 

Here’s what I’m working on to be released on Saturday, January 16 at 8 PM:

Moon Mail Collections: Monthly Moon Mail (Eclectic, Cosmic, Green, Hearth and Sea) sets of stickers that include two 4×6 sheets with a variety of designs from each collection. In addition to the deco sets, there will also be two 4×6 sheets of boxes, checklists, plus more functional options.

I am still designing the functional part but I am really thrilled to release an option to see what these Moon Mail collections have truly been able to enjoy each month! If you’re a moon mail subscriber and would love to have functional designs with your monthly boxes, drop a comment below or tag me on social !! I’d love to hear from you. 

Blessed Be, loves. See you Saturday!