I feel like January has been one event after the next, but staying busy has been a welcomed relief to cope with a lot of the things we’ve been dealing with personally and nationally.

It’s easy to admit it’s already been more than I expected to update the site every Tuesday and get these new releases to you all on Saturdays but a few weeks into 2021 and I am still here!

This week, I am excited because I’d like to do a sale over the weekend! 35% in the shop, here and Etsy both. YES! I realized that if anyone would like to shop outside the US or Canada, we will need to have Etsy included for my international friends. This also means the majority of my work this week is updating Etsy listings and adding all the hand-drawn goodies I’ve made since June of last year (the last time a new release went on Etsy!)

Each weekend sale order will be racked with goodies, very similar to past sales. I WILL be having a FREE washi roll (Love Potion 15mm) for any order over $35 this weekend, in addition to lower-level tiers with free sticker sheets! (Usually 3×4 and 4×6).

If you order this weekend, your order WILL ship within the FIRST WEEK of processing. YEP, I’m going to do my best to bring up those processing times from 1-2 weeks to 1 week, so let’s see how this goes.

I’ve been in the doodle mood, so this week’s new release is all about Valentine’s Day Doodles – there will only be a few witchy love themed hand-drawn stickers added, but I am excited for them. What’s your favorite part of valentine’s day? Is it the candy or the cheezy movies? Mine is definitely all the discounted candy on February 15.

Did you check out last week’s moon mail collections? That’s just the start, by the way. I’m really excited to bring more stuff to the shop that has blessed the moon mail since September. If you’re interested in being the first to get brand new doodles and a variety of other goodies including charms, decals, or other planner goodies: moon mail enrollment is here.

I may be sneak peeking the January Moon Mail Doodles that will release NEXT Saturday 1/30 too. I want to give our subscribers a chance to get that first glance in their boxes before I reveal it on social media! I still need to add in individual options for December too – oops!

Stay tuned for a nice week of me COPING with some grim milestones by focusing on work. Blessed Be, loves. See you Saturday!