Happy Tuesday, loves! As we finish up January and settle into our planners (are you settled?) I wanted to try and keep my momentum GOING by adding in more options for me to use day to day. I’ve been utilizing some heavy washi and pen spreads lately in my daily pages in the Amplify Planner – which is absolutely perfect! I love sticking to just the basics when it comes to my busiest days, honestly. I’ve been really digging this thick ass cartoonist marker I found in my stash. It’s a .08 and I know, IYKYK. It’s thick. It makes my spreads feel more robust when I don’t have the energy, time, or creativity to throw up the stickers I love so much.

But I LOVE STICKERS. I want to use more of them and I’m going to level with you – I have used the daily kits I have in the shop SO SO MUCH. I need some NEW stuff. Why not take this opportunity to call back to those 2021 plans and get moving on number 1 and number 2 – focus on more of my own artwork and make MORE KITS. Whew, I am gonna DO IT.

This Saturday, you can expect NEW in the shop:
– Amplify Daily Kits in TEN new designs
– Amplify Weekly Kits in TEN new designs

Those TEN designs? The new moon mail collection patterns! Yep, it’s official. My own doodles on OUR AMPLIFY KITS. Yeah, I’m keeping it cool. We’re good over here. I know they’re new patterns, so I’ve really been loving on them for January. But, this helps make it ten times easier for me to give you MORE options in the future, because I’m getting started on all these different ways to use different designs – what works and what doesn’t.

Speaking of what works and what doesn’t work.. It’s time to evalue my Passion Planner option! I love the two-page format of the Amplify Kits so I really want to adapt that template for more planners. How can I NOT start with Passion Planner? I may not be able to get all ten designs listed for Passion Planner but I definitely want to reformat the kits we have around right now. I love the tight-knit feel of the Amplifam and Pashfam, honestly. So this week is for all my FAM!! New kits for both.

I look forward to showing you all the goodies this Saturday!

Blessed Be,