Whew, what a frustrating and enlightening past few nights I’ve been having over here! Want to hear a little about it? I recorded a Plan With Me with my new Lights Planner Action Coil Planner that I was hoping to premiere on Monday and just finally uploaded it tonight. Yep, I kept hitting a literal wall where my video would just stop rendering but then it *clicked* and it was because I think my new PC doesn’t quite have the RAM to process an HD render.

I conquered that though! Honestly, it was hard to get on camera and put myself out there and I had -every- opportunity to just say F**K IT and skip uploading the video and following through with starting this thing I’d love to do. Is it too cheesy to say nevertheless, she persisted? Well, I did. I want to make this little corner of the internet a way for us all to feel not so alone when it comes to stuff we love.

Someone I know posted a question today that asked “What is something you can talk about for 30 minutes with no preparation” and my FIRST one was of course paper planning. Then, I inevitably had to explain what THAT meant (off to a good start, that’s like 3 minutes at least) which is okay because I know sometimes I’m met with confused reactions or a good eyebrow raise, but WE KNOW. Planners know planners, am I right? There’s something magical about the moment when you tell someone you love planners and stickers and washi and they say me too.

That’s why I want to keep going with this. I want you to come with me! For real. Cheesy jokes and adages included.

So anyway, here’s the video if you’d like to watch it:

I am setting myself a goal of 100 subscribers so I can get a custom URL !! That’s a great place to start, I think. So please subscribe if you like planner YouTube stuff. This is my concrete goal: plan with me shop spotlights every other Monday. If I decide to add more than that, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I want to set tangible, measurable, and reasonable goals for myself, because let’s be real: sometimes, our aspiration appetites are much bigger than what we can chew. I’m trying to stop that cycle haha.

Let’s talk New Releases! I know these updates are meant to be every Tuesday, but with my YouTube struggles this week, I’ll forgive myself for being late by a day. This week, I want to do something special and also get a little release with the last quarter moon tomorrow.

New releases will be CURATED BOXES. Each box will vary in contents, but each item will be photographed and listed (ready to ship) and include FREE shipping.

Yes, that’s the plan. I want to turn over some of these items in the shop so that way I can get NEW WASHI, NEW ITEMS, and bring even more witchy stuff for you to spoil yourself. The boxes are something I’ll work on and bless under the last quarter moon tomorrow. The last quarter moon helps us release that which no longer serves us. In other words, we can move on with lightness and let go of regrets. Help me release some of these items to usher in new creativity and art for us to enjoy.

If you remember the bigger boxes I have done for my Shop Anniversary last July or the first witchy box, you know I love to jam pack these things with as much as I can find. A lot of the items will be things the collectors may already have a few of floating around their stash, like the early washi rolls or my favorite order freebies, like journaling cards and pens.

I can’t wait to show you what I can put together! Thanks for sticking it out this week with all the bumps and bruises while I find my way.

Blessed Be,