Happy Wednesday again!! I suppose Tuesdays may be a little more hectic than I realized originally. I ended up going to sleep pretty early last night LOL. I am talking at the same time as my 18 mo. old daughter, but there’s no shame in an early bedtime.

This week, I’ll get straight to the point for you!

I want to share my NEWEST Tab Tape release; Galaxy Witch!

Beautiful, isn’t it? This tape is a special release in collaboration with Lauren Phelps Designs.

I love this tape because I use it for anything. I mean, it’s basic and beautiful and doesn’t have a specific label on it, so it’s perfect to just mark a page in the back of my planner or to keep ‘tabs’ on my weekly spread. Ha.

I’ve definitely had the blahs this week, so far! I am going to have a few new doodles to go up in the shop this weekend too because I’ve been inspired to doodle some basic shit we need for our planners lol. So, functional deco in a way! We could use some more of those.

So, I’ll be coping with all my BLAH by focusing on some doodles, and getting these tab tapes counted to list on Saturday at Noon est. See you then, witches.

Blessed Be,