Well this is the latest I’ve done a weekly update! Friday it is for this week I guess. This week has been eventful for many Americans in the southern states of Texas and Louisiana. If you’re able to help any families, please visit this Google Doc that connects you directly with families that need help. If you can’t donate monetarily, please share this sheet.

When I planned this week’s YouTube video, it only seemed right to feature two Black owned shops since it is Black History Month. Of course, I think Black history should be an -all year- type of education, but celebrating in February is also important. We’re halfway through the month and the hype tends to die down a little, so I’m here to revive your interest. Yes, we still have NINE DAYS left of Black History Month, so please join me in supporting some Black Owned Shops.

If you’re looking for more choices in addition to The Goosby Twins or A Little Spark to shop with Black Owned Businesses in the Planner Community, I found this amazing resource that lists a TON of businesses and I am excited to see some of my favorites AND discover new places to shop. If you can’t spend dollars right now, show your support by following their social media, liking their posts and engaging with anything they’ve got going on so you can boost for someone that CAN swing some $$ to support.

[Shoutout to all of you that support me in this way too!! Mad love for ya]

Let’s talk tomorrow’s New Releases!! Okay, so if you haven’t seen it’s Round 1 of VOTING DAY in the Amplify Planner Community for us to choose our next color cover and I am TEAM HOT PINK all the way. Anyway, it’s perfect timing because I have a big Amplify Planner update this week.

Let’s start: Anyone who ordered a Weekly Amplify Kit might already know this because while I was planning this week horizontally for the first time in awhile, I realized the working file I have been using was an OLD file that had an incorrect measure for the daily strips. How embarrassing, right?

I want to make it right so here’s how we’re handling this:

  • Anyone who has ordered a weekly Amplify Kit ever (yes, I know) will be receiving an email to ask for confirmation of current mailing address.
  • Each order will be pulled and an equivalent replacement will be sent for the days of the week strips only. (IE: if you ordered a Gothic Lace Weekly Amplify Kit, you’ll receive Monday – Sunday of Gothic Lace Weekly Day Covers only.) The rest of the kit was still okay, so if you have it still, YAY!
  • These day covers will be made available to buy separately for Amplify Planner in Horizontal AND Vertical layout options tomorrow, Saturday February 19 @ 12PM EST/9AM PST. They will be added for the current four designs that are available for Weekly Day Cover Stickers, PLUS…
  • I am also adding New Weekly Amplify Planner Kits in the same designs that are currently available for the Daily kits. It’s only fair right? I love when people use themes for an entire month, so this makes it easier.
  • Wait there’s more: Each Weekly Amplify Planner Kit will also now be available in VERTICAL. Yep. I know that there are people out there (me) that print out the vertical download (available on the Amplify site free here) and as much as we can just use the standard vertical kits, I really want to be able to fully enjoy my weekly spread to fit perfectly.

Lastly, I have one more big update today and that’s to give a huge plug and shoutout for the Subculture Syndicate Sale. I am an admin for the sale (in charge of all the website stuff) and we announced our SPRING shops today. There’s an amazing roundup (as always) and I really can’t wait to shop some of these new to me and tried-and-true faves from March 19 – 21.

Oh yeah, my shop will be 35% off during that weekend and I’m really excited for the things I have planned for this sale. I’ll be updating here closer to the sale with freebies and specials! It’s only a month away yay!!

(Psst, the next two plan with me videos include four shops that are in the sale!!)

I hope you’re all staying safe and making it through day to day.

Blessed Be,