Well well well it has been QUITE awhile since I’ve used this feature to update on shop happenings!!

The best news is that looking back, we’ve accomplished so much since May. Now you have the option to choose your size of doodles in each listing (if it’s ever not listed, it’s because I missed it or it glitched, you can also leave size in notes for ANY hand-drawn stickers) and this week I will be adding the option to get a die-cut sticker of the hand-drawn doodle of your choosing. We’ve had some great new releases and there are even 10 anniversary boxes still up for grabs. (hot tip: if you order JUST an anniversary box, your order is ready to go with all the vertical stickers and a 4×6 album)

Speaking of HAND DRAWN STICKERS … It’s time to say goodbye to some of our plentiful collection. There are a few doodles out there that have had their time to shine and are ready to move on to better and doodlier things. Over the next 10 days, including today, you’ll see a new section in the shop titled CLEARANCE. Items will start moving into this section when it’s time to say goodbye and you’ve got one last shot at snagging them. This will include a lot of different items in the shop – washi, stickers, charms, boxes, anything. The clearance section will include marked down prices.

The Subculture Syndicate will be the LAST sale on the whole shop for 2021! We are closing on our house soon then moving the week of Thanksgiving. This means that I will be taking the shop to a limited inventory and extended processing times during our move, which so happens to coincide with Black Friday. I will have deals for Black Friday but they will be digital products added to the shop over the next month (yes that’s new!!) There are exceptions for discounts on the whole shop planned, but you’ll have to head to Planner Boss Collective and sign up for the email list for that info! All in all, the week of Thanksgiving will be when the entire shop shifts to MOVING MODE – namely the processing of 3-4 weeks.


So we’ve got freebies and sale info covered, digital goodies coming your way, and I can’t go without mentioning the new releases I’ll be working on this week – some 2022 planner packs!! This is a new “box style” package that will have some things to get your journal, planner, grimoire, or book of shadows set up for 2022. I’m pretty excited about curating different options for you to snag. Those will be released as we get closer to the sale (most likely gradually added until Friday @ 12 PM when the sale code is announced) and will go in the new Journal Stickers section.

Okay I think I covered it all!! I’ve got some plans in the next few weeks for a revamp of the email list too, so keep your ears perked.

Blessed Be,