If you need to know a few of my passions to understand who I am, a good place to start is the things I love: Art, Planning, Painting, Digital Marketing, Space & The Moon. Here’s a little bit more:

  • Virgo - August baby!
  • Starbucks Lover
  • Recently Married in October 2018
  • BBA in Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing Career
  • New Mom in Summer 2019

When I was 8 years old, I received a huge gift certificate to the mall from my uncle for Christmas. Somehow, I managed to get myself in trouble because I spent every last penny in a stationery store before anyone even noticed. I had Sanrio stickers, pens and stationery that lasted me… MONTHS! I will never forget the freedom of going all out on the things I loved most.

I am still very much that little girl. I have planned my way through high school, college, and my career in Digital Marketing. I have always been fascinated with creating! I’ve spent my life in art classes: drawing, painting, design, web design, theatre set design, photography, spray paint, ceramics… and probably more! I’d love to share my little piece of the world with you and create stickers, decals, & whatever I may dream up just for you.

I’m drawn to anything the includes the sky above – stars, planets, moon, galaxies – and I LOVE bright and vivid colors. I’m an artist, writer, gamer, reader, designer & that’s just a few of the hats I wear.