About Us

Washi, Stickers, and more!

Our exclusive washi is designed by Rani!  Every sticker design is curated individually through unique hand drawn doodles, clip art, plus licensed and free use images. 

not just any shop

Celestial, Stellar, Witchy, Planetary

Vividly Rani is a celestial, moon, star, and space-loving shop that wants to connect with other planners that are drawn to bright colors, stars and moons, and all things witchy. 

Drawn to stories of witches and fae since she was a child, Rani has found comfort in familiar beliefs as an adult navigating many different paths. Learning and growing have been a primary focus as she creates art to put into her planner. 

Through paper planning: Rani has earned a Bachelor’s Degree, gained two promotions, planned a wedding, opened her business, become a mother, managed projects, and many more milestones to come. She has leaned more and more into her planning style by combining art and functionality to manage budgeting, shop owner life, meal planning, mental health, and daily planning.

meet rani - owner and designer

When I was 8 years old, I received a huge gift certificate to the mall from my uncle for Christmas. Somehow, I managed to get myself in trouble because I spent every last penny in a stationery store before anyone even noticed. I had Sanrio stickers, pens and stationery that lasted me… MONTHS! I will never forget the freedom of going all out on the things I loved most.

I am still very much that little girl. I have planned my way through high school, college, and my career in Digital Marketing. I have always been fascinated with creating! I’ve spent my life in art classes: drawing, painting, design, web design, theatre set design, photography, spray paint, ceramics… and probably more! I’d love to share my little piece of the world with you and create stickers, decals, & whatever I may dream up just for you.

I’m drawn to anything the includes the sky above – stars, planets, moon, galaxies – and I LOVE bright and vivid colors. I’m an artist, writer, gamer, reader, & designer. 

Hand Drawn Stickers

Each sticker is hand-drawn with Procreate and a Pencil. Each design is then imported into Photoshop for final touches and personalization. You can only find these stickers at Vividly Rani!