Functional Planning in your Passion Planner

How Chelsea Brown Designs helps make functional planning easier

Our planners at their core are books or pages of calendars that make up and guide our days through our lives. If you’re new to planning, this is most likely what motivated you to get started! Functional planning at its best can help you achieve your goals, remember important dates and birthdays, and help keep […]

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EC Vertical Weekly Kits in the Passion Planner Classic

How to use an EC Vertical Kit in the Passion Planner Classic

We all chose Passion Planner for a reason! However, we are a small but amazing community. Most of the planner world out there uses Erin Condren or Happy Planner and some of us even have second and third planners of them. I plan on a Sunday start Passion Planner Classic Eco from the 2018 calendar […]

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