• Site Issues

    Good morning lovelies, I am not convinced people notice when little things like this happen with my shop, but just in case you ARE out there wondering WHAT THE HEY, here’s the situation: When I transferred my listings from Etsy, I was unaware it combined those listings into one product, one option, one price until […]


  • AUGUST 2020

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Okay, not quite yet but if you celebrate like me, you know that we spend the entire month of our birthday reminding people they should be celebrating too. This birthday is a special one – I turn 33! If you have studied numerology, or even if you have a natural inclination toward […]


  • Hand Lettering in your Passion Planner

    Hand Lettering in your Passion Planner

    Hand lettering is everywhere. You can see it when you walk into Starbucks in the morning or peruse your favorite Michael’s aisle. There are always new classes and practice sheets popping up if you know where to look. Don’t be intimidated by social media and the beauty of hand lettering. You don’t have to spend […]


  • Functional Planning in your Passion Planner

    How Chelsea Brown Designs helps make functional planning easier

    Our planners at their core are books or pages of calendars that make up and guide our days through our lives. If you’re new to planning, this is most likely what motivated you to get started! Functional planning at its best can help you achieve your goals, remember important dates and birthdays, and help keep […]