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Monthly updates on Shop Sales, Collabs, and New Releases!


    Welcome to Vividly Rani! I appreciate your support for my small little corner of the internet, where I just want to share my doodles for you to stick in your planners, calendars, journals, and coloring books. Every doodle is drawn by ME on an iPad and edited to its final stickable version in Photoshop. Washi tape is ALL exclusively designed by ME using Photoshop and manufactured overseas in collaboration with other local shops. You won’t find these doodles or washi anywhere else!

    At this time, I am currently on parental leave and will still accept orders. Processing is listed as 6-8 weeks but to be more clear, processing will begin in MARCH 2022.

    Thank you for understanding.


  • Last 2021 Sale and Other Updates

    Well well well it has been QUITE awhile since I’ve used this feature to update on shop happenings!!

    The best news is that looking back, we’ve accomplished so much since May. Now you have the option to choose your size of doodles in each listing (if it’s ever not listed, it’s because I missed it or it glitched, you can also leave size in notes for ANY hand-drawn stickers) and this week I will be adding the option to get a die-cut sticker of the hand-drawn doodle of your choosing. We’ve had some great new releases and there are even 10 anniversary boxes still up for grabs. (hot tip: if you order JUST an anniversary box, your order is ready to go with all the vertical stickers and a 4×6 album)

    Speaking of HAND DRAWN STICKERS โ€ฆ It’s time to say goodbye to some of our plentiful collection. There are a few doodles out there that have had their time to shine and are ready to move on to better and doodlier things. Over the next 10 days, including today, you’ll see a new section in the shop titled CLEARANCE. Items will start moving into this section when it’s time to say goodbye and you’ve got one last shot at snagging them. This will include a lot of different items in the shop – washi, stickers, charms, boxes, anything. The clearance section will include marked down prices.

    The Subculture Syndicate will be the LAST sale on the whole shop for 2021! We are closing on our house soon then moving the week of Thanksgiving. This means that I will be taking the shop to a limited inventory and extended processing times during our move, which so happens to coincide with Black Friday. I will have deals for Black Friday but they will be digital products added to the shop over the next month (yes that’s new!!) There are exceptions for discounts on the whole shop planned, but you’ll have to head to Planner Boss Collective and sign up for the email list for that info! All in all, the week of Thanksgiving will be when the entire shop shifts to MOVING MODE – namely the processing of 3-4 weeks.

    30% OFF FROM OCTOBER 29-31

    So we’ve got freebies and sale info covered, digital goodies coming your way, and I can’t go without mentioning the new releases I’ll be working on this week – some 2022 planner packs!! This is a new “box style” package that will have some things to get your journal, planner, grimoire, or book of shadows set up for 2022. I’m pretty excited about curating different options for you to snag. Those will be released as we get closer to the sale (most likely gradually added until Friday @ 12 PM when the sale code is announced) and will go in the new Journal Stickers section.

    Okay I think I covered it all!! I’ve got some plans in the next few weeks for a revamp of the email list too, so keep your ears perked.

    Blessed Be,


  • 2021 Update – May

    We started the year off ambitiously, didn’t we? Well, I am sure it’s not news that things didn’t go the way I had planned initially but it’s allowed me to take a step back, re-evaluate, and reposition what some of my goals are. When it comes to Vividly Rani, my main goals are the same as they were in January. However, I just have a bit of a new perspective of what is attainable and considered reasonable for my life.

    Here’s a recap of my 2021 goals:

    • Expand the hand-drawn sticker listings to include different sizes of doodles for you to plan. I am actually quite ready to get moving on this one! This release is planned for May 2021. Beginning May 21, 2021, each hand drawn listing will have an option for 4 different sizes of icon/doodle on your sheet: .25″, .5″, 1″, and 1.5″.
    • Continue to actively create sticker kitsย for daily or weekly spreads in the Amplify Planner, Hobonichi Weeks, Vertical/B6, and Passion Planner. This is very much still on the radar. Kits are where I want to focus my new releases for May, June, and July. It helps that I am going through Planner Boss Academy which will help me to focus my efforts with new releases. Along these lines, if you don’t catch me on Instagram stories, you can always check the calendar for specific dates of releases. I upgraded so it’s pretty and easy to read now too!
    • Speaking of calendar, my third goal was to create a schedule you can count on. I started off the year with lofty ambitions on this one and burnt out by March. Oh, trust me, I know I am NOT alone with new year goals that putter away by March. However, this one is still my number one goal because it’s the one thing I know I need to work on the most. Instead of new releases every week, let’s switch it new releases every month. Instead of an update to the news section every week, let’s share news that is newsworthy. New releases, collab sales, changes to products, all of that will live here when it is time to update.

    This week’s big shop update, besides the recap of the goals of course, is that from today forward the stickers that previously included two 4×6 sheets, will now be including only one. This is usually the hand-drawn stickers and word stickers. There may be a listing or two that I missed so I’ll be fine-tuning this new policy individually throughout the week and also catching Etsy up to the update.

    Blessed Be,



  • Subculture Syndicate Sale



    Here is all the freebie info for this sale:

    ๐ŸŒ™ Every order gets a sampler and 15mm herb washi ๐ŸŒฑ (while supplies last)

    โœจ Orders over $10 get a 4×6 sheet w deco and boxes from the Moon Mail Collections

    ๐Ÿ”ฎ Orders over $20 get two sheets of the 4×6 Moon Child word stickers

    โญ๏ธ Orders over $50 get a free reusable sticker album with my Cosmic Tarot Rainbow Design

    โœ๏ธ Just a reminder that if you see any design in the shop for a diff planner size (IE, you like gothic lace amp kit but need it in vert mini) you can buy an item for your planner (buy any vert mini) and leave a request in the notes for a DIFF DESIGN! As long as itโ€™s in the shop, I make it in the sizes available ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    ๐Ÿคฉ I WILL combine orders this weekend! If you need a free shipping code for a 2nd order, please DM me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

    ๐Ÿ›’ US & Canada can shop at | International can use Etsy (if you see something on the site you want but itโ€™s not on Etsy, msg me!)


  • Weekly Update – New Amplify Planner Stickers

    Well this is the latest I’ve done a weekly update! Friday it is for this week I guess. This week has been eventful for many Americans in the southern states of Texas and Louisiana. If you’re able to help any families, please visit this Google Doc that connects you directly with families that need help. If you can’t donate monetarily, please share this sheet.

    When I planned this week’s YouTube video, it only seemed right to feature two Black owned shops since it is Black History Month. Of course, I think Black history should be an -all year- type of education, but celebrating in February is also important. We’re halfway through the month and the hype tends to die down a little, so I’m here to revive your interest. Yes, we still have NINE DAYS left of Black History Month, so please join me in supporting some Black Owned Shops.

    If you’re looking for more choices in addition to The Goosby Twins or A Little Spark to shop with Black Owned Businesses in the Planner Community, I found this amazing resource that lists a TON of businesses and I am excited to see some of my favorites AND discover new places to shop. If you can’t spend dollars right now, show your support by following their social media, liking their posts and engaging with anything they’ve got going on so you can boost for someone that CAN swing some $$ to support.

    [Shoutout to all of you that support me in this way too!! Mad love for ya]

    Let’s talk tomorrow’s New Releases!! Okay, so if you haven’t seen it’s Round 1 of VOTING DAY in the Amplify Planner Community for us to choose our next color cover and I am TEAM HOT PINK all the way. Anyway, it’s perfect timing because I have a big Amplify Planner update this week.

    Let’s start: Anyone who ordered a Weekly Amplify Kit might already know this because while I was planning this week horizontally for the first time in awhile, I realized the working file I have been using was an OLD file that had an incorrect measure for the daily strips. How embarrassing, right?

    I want to make it right so here’s how we’re handling this:

    • Anyone who has ordered a weekly Amplify Kit ever (yes, I know) will be receiving an email to ask for confirmation of current mailing address.
    • Each order will be pulled and an equivalent replacement will be sent for the days of the week strips only. (IE: if you ordered a Gothic Lace Weekly Amplify Kit, you’ll receive Monday – Sunday of Gothic Lace Weekly Day Covers only.) The rest of the kit was still okay, so if you have it still, YAY!
    • These day covers will be made available to buy separately for Amplify Planner in Horizontal AND Vertical layout options tomorrow, Saturday February 19 @ 12PM EST/9AM PST. They will be added for the current four designs that are available for Weekly Day Cover Stickers, PLUS…
    • I am also adding New Weekly Amplify Planner Kits in the same designs that are currently available for the Daily kits. It’s only fair right? I love when people use themes for an entire month, so this makes it easier.
    • Wait there’s more: Each Weekly Amplify Planner Kit will also now be available in VERTICAL. Yep. I know that there are people out there (me) that print out the vertical download (available on the Amplify site free here) and as much as we can just use the standard vertical kits, I really want to be able to fully enjoy my weekly spread to fit perfectly.

    Lastly, I have one more big update today and that’s to give a huge plug and shoutout for the Subculture Syndicate Sale. I am an admin for the sale (in charge of all the website stuff) and we announced our SPRING shops today. There’s an amazing roundup (as always) and I really can’t wait to shop some of these new to me and tried-and-true faves from March 19 – 21.

    Oh yeah, my shop will be 35% off during that weekend and I’m really excited for the things I have planned for this sale. I’ll be updating here closer to the sale with freebies and specials! It’s only a month away yay!!

    (Psst, the next two plan with me videos include four shops that are in the sale!!)

    I hope you’re all staying safe and making it through day to day.

    Blessed Be,


  • Weekly Update – Tab Tape & New Deco Stickers

    Happy Wednesday again!! I suppose Tuesdays may be a little more hectic than I realized originally. I ended up going to sleep pretty early last night LOL. I am talking at the same time as my 18 mo. old daughter, but there’s no shame in an early bedtime.

    This week, I’ll get straight to the point for you!

    I want to share my NEWEST Tab Tape release; Galaxy Witch!

    Beautiful, isn’t it? This tape is a special release in collaboration with Lauren Phelps Designs.

    I love this tape because I use it for anything. I mean, it’s basic and beautiful and doesn’t have a specific label on it, so it’s perfect to just mark a page in the back of my planner or to keep ‘tabs’ on my weekly spread. Ha.

    I’ve definitely had the blahs this week, so far! I am going to have a few new doodles to go up in the shop this weekend too because I’ve been inspired to doodle some basic shit we need for our planners lol. So, functional deco in a way! We could use some more of those.

    So, I’ll be coping with all my BLAH by focusing on some doodles, and getting these tab tapes counted to list on Saturday at Noon est. See you then, witches.

    Blessed Be,


  • Weekly Update – YouTube Video and New Releases

    Whew, what a frustrating and enlightening past few nights I’ve been having over here! Want to hear a little about it? I recorded a Plan With Me with my new Lights Planner Action Coil Planner that I was hoping to premiere on Monday and just finally uploaded it tonight. Yep, I kept hitting a literal wall where my video would just stop rendering but then it *clicked* and it was because I think my new PC doesn’t quite have the RAM to process an HD render.

    I conquered that though! Honestly, it was hard to get on camera and put myself out there and I had -every- opportunity to just say F**K IT and skip uploading the video and following through with starting this thing I’d love to do. Is it too cheesy to say nevertheless, she persisted? Well, I did. I want to make this little corner of the internet a way for us all to feel not so alone when it comes to stuff we love.

    Someone I know posted a question today that asked “What is something you can talk about for 30 minutes with no preparation” and my FIRST one was of course paper planning. Then, I inevitably had to explain what THAT meant (off to a good start, that’s like 3 minutes at least) which is okay because I know sometimes I’m met with confused reactions or a good eyebrow raise, but WE KNOW. Planners know planners, am I right? There’s something magical about the moment when you tell someone you love planners and stickers and washi and they say me too.

    That’s why I want to keep going with this. I want you to come with me! For real. Cheesy jokes and adages included.

    So anyway, here’s the video if you’d like to watch it:

    I am setting myself a goal of 100 subscribers so I can get a custom URL !! That’s a great place to start, I think. So please subscribe if you like planner YouTube stuff. This is my concrete goal: plan with me shop spotlights every other Monday. If I decide to add more than that, I wouldn’t be surprised. But I want to set tangible, measurable, and reasonable goals for myself, because let’s be real: sometimes, our aspiration appetites are much bigger than what we can chew. I’m trying to stop that cycle haha.

    Let’s talk New Releases! I know these updates are meant to be every Tuesday, but with my YouTube struggles this week, I’ll forgive myself for being late by a day. This week, I want to do something special and also get a little release with the last quarter moon tomorrow.

    New releases will be CURATED BOXES. Each box will vary in contents, but each item will be photographed and listed (ready to ship) and include FREE shipping.

    Yes, that’s the plan. I want to turn over some of these items in the shop so that way I can get NEW WASHI, NEW ITEMS, and bring even more witchy stuff for you to spoil yourself. The boxes are something I’ll work on and bless under the last quarter moon tomorrow. The last quarter moon helps us release that which no longer serves us. In other words, we can move on with lightness and let go of regrets. Help me release some of these items to usher in new creativity and art for us to enjoy.

    If you remember the bigger boxes I have done for my Shop Anniversary last July or the first witchy box, you know I love to jam pack these things with as much as I can find. A lot of the items will be things the collectors may already have a few of floating around their stash, like the early washi rolls or my favorite order freebies, like journaling cards and pens.

    I can’t wait to show you what I can put together! Thanks for sticking it out this week with all the bumps and bruises while I find my way.

    Blessed Be,


  • Weekly Update – New Amplify Sticker Kits

    Happy Tuesday, loves! As we finish up January and settle into our planners (are you settled?) I wanted to try and keep my momentum GOING by adding in more options for me to use day to day. I’ve been utilizing some heavy washi and pen spreads lately in my daily pages in the Amplify Planner – which is absolutely perfect! I love sticking to just the basics when it comes to my busiest days, honestly. I’ve been really digging this thick ass cartoonist marker I found in my stash. It’s a .08 and I know, IYKYK. It’s thick. It makes my spreads feel more robust when I don’t have the energy, time, or creativity to throw up the stickers I love so much.

    But I LOVE STICKERS. I want to use more of them and I’m going to level with you – I have used the daily kits I have in the shop SO SO MUCH. I need some NEW stuff. Why not take this opportunity to call back to those 2021 plans and get moving on number 1 and number 2 – focus on more of my own artwork and make MORE KITS. Whew, I am gonna DO IT.

    This Saturday, you can expect NEW in the shop:
    – Amplify Daily Kits in TEN new designs
    – Amplify Weekly Kits in TEN new designs

    Those TEN designs? The new moon mail collection patterns! Yep, it’s official. My own doodles on OUR AMPLIFY KITS. Yeah, I’m keeping it cool. We’re good over here. I know they’re new patterns, so I’ve really been loving on them for January. But, this helps make it ten times easier for me to give you MORE options in the future, because I’m getting started on all these different ways to use different designs – what works and what doesn’t.

    Speaking of what works and what doesn’t work.. It’s time to evalue my Passion Planner option! I love the two-page format of the Amplify Kits so I really want to adapt that template for more planners. How can I NOT start with Passion Planner? I may not be able to get all ten designs listed for Passion Planner but I definitely want to reformat the kits we have around right now. I love the tight-knit feel of the Amplifam and Pashfam, honestly. So this week is for all my FAM!! New kits for both.

    I look forward to showing you all the goodies this Saturday!

    Blessed Be,


  • Weekly Update – Weekend Sale and Releases

    I feel like January has been one event after the next, but staying busy has been a welcomed relief to cope with a lot of the things we’ve been dealing with personally and nationally.

    It’s easy to admit it’s already been more than I expected to update the site every Tuesday and get these new releases to you all on Saturdays but a few weeks into 2021 and I am still here!

    This week, I am excited because I’d like to do a sale over the weekend! 35% in the shop, here and Etsy both. YES! I realized that if anyone would like to shop outside the US or Canada, we will need to have Etsy included for my international friends. This also means the majority of my work this week is updating Etsy listings and adding all the hand-drawn goodies I’ve made since June of last year (the last time a new release went on Etsy!)

    Each weekend sale order will be racked with goodies, very similar to past sales. I WILL be having a FREE washi roll (Love Potion 15mm) for any order over $35 this weekend, in addition to lower-level tiers with free sticker sheets! (Usually 3×4 and 4×6).

    If you order this weekend, your order WILL ship within the FIRST WEEK of processing. YEP, I’m going to do my best to bring up those processing times from 1-2 weeks to 1 week, so let’s see how this goes.

    I’ve been in the doodle mood, so this week’s new release is all about Valentine’s Day Doodles – there will only be a few witchy love themed hand-drawn stickers added, but I am excited for them. What’s your favorite part of valentine’s day? Is it the candy or the cheezy movies? Mine is definitely all the discounted candy on February 15.

    Did you check out last week’s moon mail collections? That’s just the start, by the way. I’m really excited to bring more stuff to the shop that has blessed the moon mail since September. If you’re interested in being the first to get brand new doodles and a variety of other goodies including charms, decals, or other planner goodies: moon mail enrollment is here.

    I may be sneak peeking the January Moon Mail Doodles that will release NEXT Saturday 1/30 too. I want to give our subscribers a chance to get that first glance in their boxes before I reveal it on social media! I still need to add in individual options for December too – oops!

    Stay tuned for a nice week of me COPING with some grim milestones by focusing on work. Blessed Be, loves. See you Saturday!


  • Weekly Update – Moon Mail Collections

    Hello friends!! What a week itโ€™s been since I announced the goals I have for the shop and 2021. It hasnโ€™t been easy to stay focused in the evenings, basically being glued to the feeds, both for news and serotonin. Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m not alone !! 

    Iโ€™d love to start to incorporate more -functional- into what it is I am designing for you. Especially since I know, at its core, planning is all about what we DO with our happy mail to guide our lives along their very functional tasks and goals. So this week, Iโ€™ll have deco releases and add in some functional options too!ย 

    Hereโ€™s what Iโ€™m working on to be released on Saturday, January 16 at 8 PM:

    Moon Mail Collections: Monthly Moon Mail (Eclectic, Cosmic, Green, Hearth and Sea) sets of stickers that include two 4×6 sheets with a variety of designs from each collection. In addition to the deco sets, there will also be two 4×6 sheets of boxes, checklists, plus more functional options.

    I am still designing the functional part but I am really thrilled to release an option to see what these Moon Mail collections have truly been able to enjoy each month! If youโ€™re a moon mail subscriber and would love to have functional designs with your monthly boxes, drop a comment below or tag me on social !! Iโ€™d love to hear from you.ย 

    Blessed Be, loves. See you Saturday!