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Monthly updates on Shop Sales, Collabs, and New Releases!

  • 2021 Shop Update

    Happy New Year friends!! December was mostly a quiet month over here at Vividly Rani – aside from stalking the Black Friday and Moon Mail orders as USPS struggled through the holiday season: Read more here.

    I’m not sure words can quite express the gratitude I have for the patience and understanding through the end of the year. We had quite a blessed Yule and the Cold Moon was spent meditating and setting intentions for the New Year!

    I am sure I am not the only one excited to wave goodbye to 2020 and plan for all the amazing hopeful days of 2021. Does anyone else remember how January took forever last year? We’ll see how this one goes!

    There will be some exciting changes for Vividly Rani in 2021! I have decided to focus a lot more on creating items for you with my own art. Many of you have already decorated your planners and bujos with my doodles, thanks to my hand-drawn sticker section. However, I’d love to do more with these drawings. So I’ll be incorporating my art in a much more expansive way to the shop this year.

    Here are my top 3 goals when it comes to Vividly Rani in 2021:

    • Expand the hand-drawn sticker listings to include different sizes of doodles for you to plan. Currently, the sticker sheets are mostly made to be 1″ doodle designs that vary in quantity based on how that specific doodle fits a 4×6 sticker sheet. I will be adding 0.5″ and 1.5″ options for our smaller and bigger planner sizes!!
    • Continue to actively create sticker kits for daily or weekly spreads in the Amplify Planner, Hobonichi Weeks, Vertical/B6, and Passion Planner. This includes creating more affordable $1 mini kit options as well as exploring new ways to bring more celestial, witchy, and bright stickers to your spreads. Monthly and daily sticker kits, themed kit collections… there are so many possibilities!!
    • Create a schedule you can count on: this is a big one for me. In previous years, I have operated this shop based on my full-time life. That meant creating new releases or social media updates, even blogs when the time would allow. By being a little too fluid with the things I share with you, sometimes I don’t accomplish all that I wanted to in the year! I want you to count on new posts/updates every Tuesday here on the blog. That means you can also count on new releases every Saturday. Some releases may be as simple as adding a new set of hand-drawn stickers in the new format and some may be bigger like new washi designs in the shop!

    I think we, as planners, all tend to see the new year FULL of opportunities. In fact, I am even talking a little bit of Planner 101 on my podcast this week for New Year’s Resolutions. (The podcast is local and for my full-time career. Good luck to my co-host too, since we all know any of us could talk for hours about planners, especially chatty me!)

    I tried to set myself up for success a bit better this year, learning from what truly became essential to my life with planners last year. If I set realistic expectations, I’m more likely to follow through. We’ve all been here… every year, right? What are some of your best tips for sticking with your goals? Let me know below or tag me in your Instagram or Facebook story (@vividlyrani) and maybe you’ll get a shoutout or freebie!

    Looking forward to 2021, witches!
    Blessed Be


  • Black Friday Sale

    Hello everyone!! It’s been a minute since we’ve had a sale but of course we are having special goodies for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday weekend.

    50% Off Orders Over $35+ with FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEKEND!

    Sale starts: 12:00 PM EST 11/27/2020; 9:00 AM PST 11/27/2020
    Sale ends: 11:59 PM EST 11/30/2020; 8:59 PM PST 11/30/2020


    First FIVE eligible orders receive a FREE 5×7 Reusable Sticker Album!

    First FIFTEEN receive a FREE surprise sticker pack valued at $15!

    Info: For an order to be eligible, it must meet the requirements to use the sale code THANKS for the weekend sale (Order over $35 before discount)


    YEP THAT’S RIGHT! All Orders receive a 3×4 sheet AND a 4×6 Sheet!


  • October Update

    HAPPY OCTOBER LOVES!! This is my favorite time of the year, it’s starting to get chilly out but not cold yet (I’m in Ohio!) and it’s perfect boots and hoodie weather. Plus, bonfires and cocoa. I mean, how can you not love fall? Plus, it’s the month of my Anniversary and Halloween so everything is just happy and amazing everywhere for me.

    So, who wants to talk PINK PLANNER SALE? One of my favorite collabs to shop and of course, participate in! Check out the freebies below.

    There’s also a pic of the sampler freebies that come with the first 20 orders: INCLUDING a jelly mask holder keychain, seriously. How amazing is this?

    First 20 Orders placed in the Pink Planner Sale from Oct 9 - 11!

    Tiered Freebies for Orders Oct 9 - 11


  • Subculture Syndicate Information Post

    Hello my friends! Are we ready for an amazing collection of shops this weekend? The shops in the Subculture Syndicate are all unique and I guarantee you’ll find something to love at any of them.

    First 20 Orders!

    That being said, check out this AMAZING collection of samplers available for the first 20 orders this weekend.

    I can’t go without appreciating you in my own way too, of course. Here are the freebie tiers and I’m pretty excited to be able to offer things a little bit differently this time around! 

    All Tiers Include the goodies from the tiers before (Over $75 gets ALL freebies!)

    One Last Thing - Did someone say NEW?

    Lately, I have been truly inspired and doodling up a storm. The Monthly Moon Mail doodles have helped me get excited to draw new things each month, which also means I have A LOT of new releases for this sale. Those will be added to the store throughout the week.

    Here are just a few highlights of what you can expect:

    If time so happens to get away from me this week, any things that didn’t make it to the first day sale will be added during! I have so many wonderful things planned, I can’t wait for you to see them. Blessed be!


    I am hoping to update and add back pages and tarot stickers to the shop Friday 9.25 in the evening/night; if you would like to make multiple orders for the sale this weekend, please email me at before you place a second order so that we can combine shipping and you don’t have to pay the $5 twice.


  • Mid-Sale & September Updates

    THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has shopped this week. If you’re reading this, an extra SPECIAL thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to me talk about my little corner of the world over here.

    This week has been especially hard in the world and in my life, so I wanted to share a few updates when it comes to the shop. I know business seems like usual, but it sure isn’t!

    There is some good news: 


    I would have preferred sooner but unfortunately my toner needed a refill and I will now be sure to check those levels before a sale A L W A Y S. I am pleased that I will still be able to meet the new 3-5 business day processing.

    That processing window MAY be extended for the upcoming COLLAB SALE!

    Did I tell you I am participating in the Subculture Syndicate from Sept 25-27?

    There are some seriously amazing shops included and I can’t wait to shop myself. Check out the other shops here at the sale website. I’ll be starting to post the swap samplers on my IG stories closer to the sale too.

    September will be filled with new releases in preparation for the sale! First week will be a few different hand drawn stickers that will be added for Friday. (Halloween goes up by Monday for last day shoppers!) Since shipping is free for all orders for one more day, I am still combining orders for the sale as well. 

    I have a special release that is dropping on September 1 that I haven’t exactly shared with any teasers yet. WELL, okay – I did tease that my email subscribers were going to get the opportunity to be the FIRST to learn about a new thing. GUESS WHAT! You will find out on Tuesday what exactly that secret was (in case you don’t already get my emails.)

    New Releases will be switched to Fridays for September. It just makes the most sense!

    SN: Did you see the Amplify Q1 planner cover colors were announced? I think I want Ice Blue or Magenta for Q1. Comment below if you’re shopping your stash, planning, or buying this week.

    Now that all the business is out of the way, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that right now it’s not just the pandemic that is hard. Black lives MATTER. Remember that even the most prolific activists take time to care for themselves. Please take care of you.


  • Birthday Sale Information

    It’s officially my birthday and I wanted to provide a place for you to visit when you’re figuring out your order this week. Please read to the end for a special tip on shop credit!

    Be sure to browse the Just Added page before you check out. NEW releases will be added throughout the week so any duplicate orders may be combined if you are in the US, just please remember to check FREE SHIPPING when you checkout. 

    Here’s the stuff you need to know for the Birthday Sale from 8.25-8.31


    AUG 25 - AUG 31

    Shipping Information:

    • The code should automatically select Free Shipping in checkout, but please make sure you select it! All US orders, no matter the order amount, are eligible for FREE shipping.
    • International Orders will be cancelled if your country is not accepting USPS mail. You can find out if your country is accepting mail by visiting USPS website here.
    • Each order amount for the freebies receives all the freebies from the previous tiers! The amounts are after your discount, before shipping so be sure to keep an eye on the subtotal before you hit that final checkout button.
    • Birthday Freebies are for orders placed on August 25 only.
    • Sezzle was previously not functioning correctly for the website upon launch. Please contact me via Instagram Direct Messenger if you are trying to check out with Sezzle and have any issues reaching the Sezzle website to connect.


    Freebie Tiers:

    • All orders on August 25 will receive a pastel orange Halloween sampler.
    • All orders on August 25 that have a subtotal of $20 or more will receive the NEW washi strips with monthly moon phases from September to December.
    • Every order placed between August 25 and August 31 will receive a journaling card. That card will be the Witchy Box ‘Believe’ card or the Anniversary Box ‘Blessed Be’ card. 
    • Every order placed during the sale that exceeds $10 will receive a PVC washi card.
    • Every order placed that exceeds $15 will receive a quarter sheet of new Halloween doodles
    • Every order placed that exceeds $25 will receive an orange pastel Halloween Variety 4×6 sticker sheet. This will be a second sheet if you order on 8-25. 
    • Any order over $35 will receive a FREE roll of the unreleased Anniversary Washi. This washi has only been previously available to purchase in the Moonflower Anniversary Box. 

    One last note: If you read this post, please leave a note with your favorite PR sampler and the word ‘BLOG’ to receive a credit code in your order for $5 off your next order, no minimum purchase required. 


    UPDATE: 9/17 y’all. I am the worst at remembering every piece but I am working on it. If you’re back here wondering why you didn’t have that code above, it’s because I made the cards and they’re still here (not in your orders) please use code 5L9PS for $5 off your order. 

    Blessed be, 



  • PR Samplers, Shipping Reminders, and Processing Times 8/16/20

    Hey everyone! I wanted to include some updates regarding a few important items. I like using this method to inform you so that it is on the website where you place/check your orders. If you have questions, you can still email (this is the best way to reach me.)


    PR people are back! Well, more people are starting to come back to planning again after the initial COVID shock wore off from our lives, have you noticed that? The shop certainly has! I have had these people out there for me letting people know about my new stuff and the favorites among them. Here are the PR Samplers you can choose from right now:

    You can use any of their names in the order notes to receive their samplers! Plus they each have codes for 20% off your order. So if you need a code and want their sampler, voila! Keep an eye for them letting you know about the most recent fun stuff we have going on.


    I am not sure if this has been stated on the website (I am currently developing better and more informative email confirmations for orders) but due to COVID-19 and recent events, the USPS has been struggling. This means packages may make mysterious stops on the way to you, they may not scan at every spot, they may even arrive opened. Please take photos ASAP as I will be insuring various orders and photos help me make a claim if anything arrives missing or damaged.

    Also, it’s important to remember that I do work a full time job through the week so my business hours are mostly 8 PM – 2 AM for the shop. You can count on responses and sometimes shipping emails being sent in the middle of the night. This means your order will be a part of the next order drop. Most order drops are done on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so depending on when you placed your order, it may take 24-48 hours for your shipping to update. My post office also has a history of not scanning my packages or returning them because of a minute weight error. That can also cause a delay in updates on tracking. In order to get you your happy mail, we will work together through your order individually and see what’s been going on. Just email for all the things.


    OKAY. So, when I started Vividly Rani I placed my processing times at 1-2 weeks and I did achieve a period of time where I could process orders from 3-5 business days. Currently, I have the ETSY set to 5-6 weeks but orders are processing much faster. The website is set to 1-2 weeks for me to complete your order and drop it off at the post office.

    GOOD NEWS! I am changing that to 3-5 Business Days until further notice. My husband and I have organized and it helped make some of my processes quicker and easier (WASHI!) and it helped me get a better efficiency to my order process. It’s wonderful the difference your environment can make!

    Anyway, that’s the update for today. Hope you’re staying well out there. <3

    Blessed Be,



  • Site Issues

    Good morning lovelies,

    I am not convinced people notice when little things like this happen with my shop, but just in case you ARE out there wondering WHAT THE HEY, here’s the situation:

    • When I transferred my listings from Etsy, I was unaware it combined those listings into one product, one option, one price until this week.
    • This means that some people have purchased items with variations they could not select while checking out!
    • If you have already ordered one of these items, I will be providing the item as it is pictured. This is the most logical way for me to resolve.
    • In the coming days, you may see some changes to the items you have in your cart. This will cause the website to clear your cart, but unfortunately, that is my only option. Please use OOPS15 for 15% off if you have seen a rise in the price of any item you intended to purchase.
    • If you would like to purchase an item that is listed as having options in the description, please leave order notes that follow those options.
      • For example, include the size of the Passion Planner you use when purchasing a Passion Planner Mini Kit.
      • Please do not request custom designs via the order notes.
        • Custom sticker options will be coming!

    I appreciate all your patience while we experience a few growing pains at the start of this website. Please feel free to use the contact us form if you see anything that is giving you pause on the site. Some links are still hiding from me from the theme I purchased from Bluchic – so if you end up at their site, that is why.

    In the meantime, TODAY is New Release Day!!! Stay tuned, soon it begins 🙂


  • AUGUST 2020

    IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Okay, not quite yet but if you celebrate like me, you know that we spend the entire month of our birthday reminding people they should be celebrating too. This birthday is a special one – I turn 33!

    If you have studied numerology, or even if you have a natural inclination toward it, you know that there is a lot of power in the number 3!

    Here are a few things we have planned:

    • Entire Month – FREE US SHIPPING!!
    • August 1 – New Mini Kits! Vertical and Passion Planner
    • August 5 – New DECO Stickers! Box gradient (Pink and Teal) and new doodles added to the shop.
    • August 12 – Reusable Sticker Albums – 4 x 6 – VERY Limited Amount
    • August 19 – Top Secret NEW Release!
    • August 25-31 – 50% sale starts! Take 50% every order above $35
      • Free Shipping Still Included!
    • August 25 – Special Birthday Freebie announced 8/23
    • Weekend Freebies for the Birthday Sale – announced 8/23

    Check back here on the blog for more information on the sale and the FREEBIES when they are revealed! I’m excited to party with y’all for my birthday.

    Don’t forget that part of the POWER OF 33 Celebration includes a FREE MOONFLOWER ANNIVERSARY BOX!! Enter to win here.