I design all my products using Adobe programs and they can contain a variety of commercial use clip art, free/commercial use images/fonts, hand-drawn artwork, icons from flaticon, and my own photography, art, or lettering. 

There are many different ways to make washi. Washi is essentially decorative masking tape but you can also make it as simple as printing a pattern on sticker paper and cutting it into strips! If you’re wondering how I make my washi, that’s something you’d have to work to find out on your own over there. Go on now, keep moving. 

The sticker paper is a standard matte quality that is printed using a color laser printer. It is not removable or repositionable. Stick carefully!

Visit the calendar to check for the next sale dates! You can also follow me on Instagram or sign up for email here to keep up to date.

I do my best to add products when I am able to dedicate the time to provide the quality I prefer. This may mean that I will add a batch of charms one weekend, or a large number of stickers another. Check the calendar – I might have something planned. 

I am always interested in meeting other planner shop owners and working together to provide something unique.

Shipping & Returns

We do our best to monitor packages but may miss yours. Please wait 5-7 business days after your shipping notice to reach out. We will contact the PO and/or issue a replacement.

We do not accept returns for our products. However, we want you to be happy with your order. If there are any issues, please contact us. There will be no refunds provided for digital orders as their natures make them impossible to return.

Of course, we know there may be extremely special circumstances. Please contact us if there is an issue with your order and we will do our best to make it right. 

Yes! We offer free shipping for BOTH domestic and international buyers. Any order over $35 in the United States ships free. Orders over $50 for Canada ship free. If your free shipping is not automatically applied in your cart, please contact us and we will provide a fix-it code. 

My packaging varies by order size. If you would prefer minimal plastic, please leave a note in the comments and your order will be packaged in only cardboard and paper. No plastic packaging could cause damage to your order! I will always buy insurance on no plastic shipping. Please take photos if your order arrives damaged and contact us. 

Please note all washi tape is sealed in plastic. This is not something that will be removed from your purchase, even if you opt for no plastic packaging. I hope you understand!

If your order arrived damaged, please photograph the packaging and the item so that I may use those photos to file with USPS insurance. You may opt for a full refund or a replacement package. No refunds or replacements will be provided without photos.

Does anyone else in your household check the mail? Try there first! If the tracking of the package says delivered, your local post office can locate the last GPS scanned to see if it was misdelivered to your neighbor. If your item was delivered and unable to be located, you will need to treat it as a theft of mail and file a police report.

Payment & Orders

We currently use Paypal and Stripe for payment processing. Please contact us if there are any concerns regarding the payment processors that we use. Thanks!

If I am able to accommodate a combined order, I will be happy to reduce the amount of packaging for your purchases. Combining orders may mean a difference in the calculated shipping. Any overpaid difference will be refunded back to you once your order has been processed. 

Of course you can! If you would prefer a gift receipt, please leave a note in the comment section so that I may provide that in the order. Just be sure to keep the shipping information and billing information straight during checkout! 

Yes! You can purchase gift cards here

YES! We are happy to confirm we now offer AfterPay. Just choose AfterPay as a payment method during checkout and you will be redirected to make your first payment on your plan. Have fun!

Have more questions? We’re happy to help!