Monthly Moon Mail by Vividly Rani is a subscription of exclusive release stickers and unique washi tape that includes an option to personalize your box by a theme.

FIVE different options available!


The stickers in this package won't be available for sale until AFTER you've already had them on your beautiful journal or planner pages. That means you can still get more of the ones you like, but you get to experience them before anyone else! Each sticker release is added to the shop no sooner than 10 days after the last shipping notice is sent.


What are the details?

Every month you will receive a small package that contains the month’s themed items. Each month by the upcoming 15th, you will receive a shipping notice for happy mail!

Besides the main items that are offered with a monthly subscription, our box may include things like charms, clips, pens, washi cards, notebooks or journals, and yes even more stickers! There are no penalties to cancel at this time. The value of these boxes will always exceed $40. 

Monthly Moon Mail

Five different plans, all the same price
$ 20 Monthly
  • (4) Hand-Drawn Doodle Quarter Sheets
  • (1) Exclusive Complementary Washi Tape
  • (1) Box Themed Decal or Charm
  • Plus, many extras!


Which witch are you?

I don’t necessarily believe in our spirituality or beliefs fitting into boxes, but we can certainly hold affinities for certain things as we love them, identify with them, or accept them as part of who we are. If you don’t prefer labels, eclectic is your best choice as it’s a little bit of everything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment opens once a month if spots are available. Enrollment could open for any period of time from 22nd to 10th for the upcoming month. (January 22 to Feb 10 for a February box shipping on Feb 15) You will see ‘Sign-Up’ on each separate plan here when enrollment is open. 

You will be charged on the same date each month as the date you sign up. Monthly Moon Mail is provided to you via PayPal subscription services, which means when you sign up it’s managed completely through your PayPal. 

Since signup dates and monthly subscription dates range from 22th – 10th of each month, there is an established shipping date per month for the Monthly Moon Mail packages. Your moon mail ships on the 15th of every month

Yes and No. You can change to a different type of plan for the Monthly Moon Mail. There are 5 total plans: Sea, Cosmic, Hearth, Green, and Eclectic. If you would like to change this, you must do so before the automatic charge from PayPal. Orders will be fulfilled as they are paid and are unable to be changed However, you may not change the items in the box itself. These boxes come as they are for each subscriber. This helps me give you the quickest turnaround for your happy mail!

You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you have already paid for the current month, please contact us so that we may help.

You may receive a refund under the following circumstances: Your order has not shipped. Your order has not arrived via USPS after submitting a trace on it via claims. Your order has arrived damaged and you are able to provide photographic proof for me to file the USPS claim for insurance. 

Due to the nature of the products, returns will not be accepted. Forced returns will not be accepted. 

If you would like to switch plans, please email me at so we know to save your monthly spot and then we can also help with details specific to your situation/account.

For all terms and conditions plus our privacy policy, please visit