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Angela is a professional photographer that has run a company based in Atlanta, Georgia for 10 years. She was ranked as the #1 female photographer in Atlanta by WeddingWire in 2015 & her work has been featured in over a dozen magazines. Angela is currently stepping back from her company to focus more on volunteering. She volunteers with the Amphibian Foundation, which is doing tremendous work in saving endangered species. She works as an education outreach instructor, bringing reptiles, amphibians & invertebrates to schools and events to spread awareness for conservation. As a Type 1 Diabetic since childhood, Angela also has a huge passion for the T1D community and enjoys volunteering with JDRF. Much like Rani, she loves all things space and the beauty of the night sky!


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Diana is a wife, mom to 2 kids as well as 2 cats and a dog, a teacher, a planner, and a lifelong geek! She loves watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy and walked down the aisle at her wedding to The Imperial March. She loves planning because it helps relieve anxiety by keeping life a little more organized. She is an avid collector of washi and sometimes even uses it in her planning instead of just admiring it! She loves sharing her washi and stickers with her daughters when they plan together as well as with her co-workers and friends.


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Elizabeth loves dragons and is constantly seeking planner peace. Balancing a career, a family, and a deep love of crafts and paper that is taking over her basement – she can almost always be found with at least one to-do list on her person.


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Kris is a busy mom, happy planner, coffee lover, and teacher.


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Maggie is a junior in college studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She loves all things Disney, and all things Passion Planner! Her favorite pass time is watching Youtube, and designing her weekly layout in her planner! Maggie is very excited to be a part of the Vividly Rani team, and show everyone her love for stickers!


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Rachel loves traveling (especially cruises), technology, reading, and tea (loose leaf, please). She currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband and loves playing tourist with her water bottle in tow (@vegaswaterbottle on Instagram). She also loves exploring new places and walking everywhere she can. She develops training materials by day and obsesses about all things planners by night. She loves to do a mix of decorative and functional spreads in her Passion Planner Small, although she is known to dabble with other planners.


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Lisa lives in Florida with her Husband Tracy and they have a fur baby Gingy, a black Guinea Pig. She has been decorative planning since 2015 which stemmed from her love of washi. Lisa is an artist with a focus of acrylics to canvas. Some of her hobbies include, reading, gaming, going to the movies, stargazing, traveling, crocheting and just being crafty. You can find and follow her on Instagram @lisa.loveday.